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Does orly taitz need any more publicity Does orly taitz need any more publicity Correct now, the new york post published a long profile of orly taitz.Here is the nut job that's leading the birther movement.Taitz helms a remarkably leaky swift boat.We should be forgetting her at the moment. Taitz was news or newsy this past hot season's.But why do we want a big story on her in october?Her power is only resulting taragro free media attention.I really like that she's a nutjob? A quick nexis check reveals that taitz has been described, chronicled, and/or discussed more than 400 times before wapo decided to profile her.Other fews flyers wrote about her more than 150 times.I'm not even going to delve into buy blog items on this crazy.Let's just say she is earliest pens news. Unfortunately, there are far more efficient crazies that are worth the post's attention like sen.Jim demint and his travels to honduras to support within the armed forces coup. Why make use of ms.Taitz the moment the daily show got to her in july? Your bireachrs, some of the most important tea baggers, a person's screamers, and the deathers continued extreme minority presence will end up tiresome to mainstream america, if it doesn't have already done so.To the particular birthers in la, la stretch of acquire, it is on you to prove to all of us of how your assertion is true, if there are people who were there and support your posture then show us the video(We all have a price), Either put up or child shut up.I overresearched orly taitz, is promoting a tape(I think it's known as"Capital, lies and online tape").She actually is from orange county, florida, now we all know what the mean when they say"Behind the orange window curtain, when they mention orange county, the captial of conspiracy theory theories.You learn obama has a passport, he travel around abroad before he was a senator, but i guess these were in on it.As a result of the republican party has been taken over the most extreme religious right(People who love to push their beliefs on others while trying to eliminate the rights of those they just hate)And that's who below the layer extract from their party if they real want to win.Peace of mind, because when they said in waco,"We ain't developing, i heard that she now wants to analyze the"Republican 2009 summer of affection"Email itemize:Assemblyman, eileen d.Duvall(Los angeles), Senator nicole Ensign(Nv), Senator robert Stanley(Tn), Governor imprint Stanford(South carolina), Board of Ed robotic massage chairs, In addition to Kristin Maguire AKA Bridget Keeney(South carolina). All you could do don't p'o sally quinn.She is running the post now having hoodwinked the new writer into deputizing her army of inter office gossips and poseurs. You have got to hand it to the old broad, she has came out on top.She has cum some distance since she crawled out from under ben bradlee's desk, got him to buy the cow even with the free milk, and labored intensely to silence anyone who recalled her past as a pass around party favor.Quite a feat for a lady whose only discernible talent is her ability to stifle her gag reflex! I mean quinn almost brought your own down with her"Cosmetic spa"Idea but some poor sap paid the price tag and bradlee recently described the ethical collapse of the post, in pride fair, as a thoughtful hiccup!I hear she leads katherine weymouth around school on a leash! An affordable attacks on orly taitz and all"Birthers"In general indicates that you've got nothing of substance to argue with.What i wish to hear is a fact filled explanation of how obama meets the"Great"Citizen requirement to be president while wearing a foreign father.A lot(You can too)Determine"Homeowner"Equals"Good citizen, but this really is correct.If you will take time to do some research into what a"Great"Citizen means you might just find out what all the fuss is about.Maybe you don't care, but some still believe that the composition matters and should be followed.The derogatory comments you and others make only reinforces the desire to discover the truth. Marshall thompson, what the fuck are you referring to?I hope you must be joking.If you're too stupid to realize that hawaii was a state in 1961 then you'll want to consider taking your rather small skull out of your rather large ass. You are a pathetic person.Very.Get your suitcase from using your twin bed, put some dresses in it, kiss your mother good-Bye, and please take the first flight away our country.Setting up it.Look for the hell out of here.A person wasting our time.I hope to never need to reprimand you on this site again. Marshall could be Pandora Beads a birther!Marshall usually birther!Marshall is loco!Marshall is crazy[ not in a cool innovative way]. Wow a banging birther.Who wiped out jfk, marshall?Companies evolution?Is world wide flat or round?Comes to an end up, or can it be down?Or perhaps even sideways?Does the law of gravity exist? But first answer this how did the honolulu star the honolulu advertiser print a birth statement for barack, together with parents hawaii address, doing 1961?Could be it a"Plant, placed by some conspiracy theory 47 years before he got elected, or did someone travel back in its history to place the announcement? You prove my case in my situation.Only individual attacks, no materials!You have no knowledge about me, but you can also disparage me.Quit surfing the porn sites and use google to do something helpful and research this subject.Exercise your mind rather than your hormones. Your ability to exercise critical thinking looks like it's seriously impaired.The thing is that to be a"Good"Citizen requires a great deal more to just be born on us soil, you must be born to parents who are both people in america.Barack the federal government, by his own programs says his father was a foreigner.If you would perform your due diligence about what it means to be a natural born citizen instead of sitting around scratching your balls thinking of fancy perjoratives to vomit out you might just learn something.I did that research(Checkmate).Your still unaware of the facts. No matter were obama was born.Be it the islands, or nigeria.Delivering fact is that his father was not a us citizen.Global law as wellAs us law have always recognized that the citizenship of a child follows that of the father.Obama was at best a dual citizen at birth of both the united kingdom(Kenya was an english colony in 1961)As us.Dual citizens cannot be treated"Good"Since they are born owing allegiance to a country other than the us.This is the entire reason for this requirement in our make-Up. And for quite some time mentioned it.The birth notices in the honolulu star the honolulu advertiser were auto generated by information from hawaii's health department.I have found(Minimum)4 ways to obtain a Hawaiian documentation of Live Birth(Colb), Only one of, involving being born in a hospital in Hawaii.By the promise of a relative), The information would be fed to the newspapers such as as a normal live birth in a hospital.Briefly, neither you nor i have enough information to say how the birth news got into the paper.However, it is a fact that a live birth in a hawaii hospital is not essential.It is also a fact that rather a lot known instances of foreign born children obtaining a hawaii colb.In the long run, the image of a colb that was posted on the web is worthless and has not been verified by hawaii officials(I mean right, test it out).The statements by hawaii officials was anxiously carefully crafted with just enough weasel words to keep them from being charged with perjury for making false statements.Here are politicians/political appointees.Lying plays the main job skill for these people. Its not my conspiracy theory theory.Definitely is fact.Are you people brain dead around the market?Take your hands out of your pants and think with your brain for something different.If you do not know enough to debate, go do some reading and get some friggin' facts so you can say in which doesn't expose your ignorance.Every statement i have made can be backed up with references to many historical documents, the structure, efficiencies, laws and court rulings can you say a matching?I did not think so. Actually, someone in this thread who indeed thinks.John mccain's good citizenship is also in question.Although congress passed a resolution before the election declaring him a good citizen, i don't believe it has any legal validity.The courts would probably need to be involved to resolve this question.I personally think mccain would become a natural born citizen after a legal ruling.The us law dealing with immigration and citizenship was passed in 1795 and specifically addressed this example.It declared a person whose parents were us citizens to be a good citizen even if born overseas.This clause was removed after a revision to the immigration law number of years later, so it may still hold. Because the president and vp are elected together, it is not clear that biden would necessarily take over if obama is set to be ineligible(They may be treated as a whole rather than on its own).It may require going back to the electoral college to find the eligible president/vice president pair that had the most votes.Who knows for certian what happens if this constitutional crisis occurs. The republic per se.Despite the fact that"Medical professional, taitz may be the sole"Ineligible"Player in her next to nothing farce. Although taitz is a member of the wisconsin bar, she's not listed as a member of the american bar group(Check for your own behalf).None is her"Law center" (William howard taft as well as college)Recognized by the aba.Because taft is a learning online school only, taitz's degree allows her, at many, to train in california, as her faculty candidly admits.Her communication degree is a limited exception, only useful in colorado.For that reason, any action in which she appeared as counsel of record away from state would constitute practicing law without a license, in violation of ohio disciplinary rules.Needs"Doctor, taitz dishonored this rule?Does her appearance before the top court, in filing documents for the careless, since ignored case lightfoot v.Bowen, therefore subject her to style? You might want to follow your own advice and use google to look into the matter.You can also stick to valid sources of legal information. As it happens(Stun surprise to anyone)That the kid of chinese subjects(During the time, china was decided by an emperor)Born in a state belonging to our great country was a natural born citizen.Town.The top court found the child to be a natural born citizen.Jus soli is the rule in the uk, jus soli can be the rule here. I know that you'll never agree anything at all i say, but i wanted to at least show the others on this thread that you will don't have a legal leg to stand on.


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